If you’ve looked into setting up your own home cinema surround sound system then you certainly will in all probability have come across the various options in terms of the number of encompass seem channels. Should you get a 5.1 setup which provides you 2 surround stations or perhaps 7.1 setup which gives you 4 encompass stations? If it is currently sounding a little confusing to suit your needs then don’t worry as this post is likely to clearly lay out your differences between the two and allow you to know which option is going to function best for you.

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How Many House Movie theater Surround Seem Channels Do You Need?

The answer to this question will lay primarily with the size of the area and available space you must work together with. Anytime you visit a mainstream movie theater you notice that there are generally a lot of encompass sound audio speakers heading round the sides and right behind where you’re seated. The reason for this is to make up for the dimensions of the room and to make sure that everyone gets a good film encounter.

Now whenever we convert this to a home movie theater surround sound setup then you can notice that the number of surround speakers will certainly be a great deal less. Generally you are likely to realize that a 5.1 setup which gives you 2 stations of encompass sound will be ample. For those who have a more substantial room as well as the room is longer you might reap the benefits of a 7.1 setup which includes 4 channels.

So, Which Setup Is Better?

One thing to remember is that even just in a 7.1 setup the 4 encompass channels are just fed through the exact same outputs so they are all obtaining the same impulses coming from the movie soundtrack. Each of the system is performing is producing 4 channels away from 2 so that you are certainly not really getting that much more details or sound reproduction.

So the answer to that is much better is solely gonna be dictated in which setup works the best for you given your living area dimension. If you have a very large room then you might need to look at 9.1 stations or maybe more. This is something which can be determined from the brief consultancy with your house movie theater expert.

What Does the ‘Point 1’ Represent In 5.1?

Whenever we are speaking about home cinema encompass sound channels and in reality any house movie theater sound setup the initial number constantly refers to the primary audio speakers in your system. This can generally contain 3 main front speakers on the remaining, centre and right of your screen. You are going to then likewise have maybe 2, 4 or better surround seem speakers which consider the number up to 5, 7 or more.

The 2nd amount following the decimal stage always means the subwoofer device. Now a subwoofer is a really low frequency speaker which recreates the deep bass employed for thunderstorms and explosions. It’s the pqzsfe that actually gives your home cinema encompass seem system that ‘thump’ that makes watching films such fun.

Sometimes your system might have 2 subwoofers or maybe more and in cases like this you might reference your setup as 5.2 or 7.2. Deciding on a regardless of whether you need to use 2 or even more subwoofers is past the range of this article yet it is now getting very common on higher end systems.


The last decision where setup is the best for you ought to really be a discussion you may have together with your home movie theater professional because they will be in a position to give you advice very best once you give them enough information regarding your recommended setup and room problems.

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