This is not an exceptional question and the answer is…”Yes, quite a bit of difference!” When you get your pc and would like to connect to the Internet, you must buy a service with the Internet Service Provider (ISP). They issue you a modem which you then use to connect your personal computer with the phone line so you can access the web.

The modem translates the information for transmission on the phone lines considering that the two signals will vary. Modems also don’t possess a built-in firewall so enabling your operating systems’ firewall is very important and even better is getting antivirus software installed.

The cell phone connector enters into the modem and your computer then is connected to the modem having an Ethernet connection. The Ethernet cable features a connection that looks comparable to a phone line connector but is larger and won’t fit in the telephone line slot.

Routers Play another Role – The Router & Modem on the other hand features a different function. Should you own a single computer at home you simply require the modem to get in touch to the net. Owning and utilizing more than one computer, now you have what is known as a network. You can now link or ‘network’ all your computers together using a router.

Other computers within your network have to connect to the web through the router which interprets data and sends it where it must have to go. A router will not connect directly to the Internet. That is the job in the modem. Your main computer is attached to the Internet using the modem which is linked to your phone line.

Your router is set approximately recognize one other computers on your network. The router is attached to the modem however, your networked computers contact the router via signals received through its antenna.

Another big plus with having a router is that if you have a printer with wireless capability, and you also own more then one computer; you can ‘network’ your other computers to be able to access exactly the same printer.

You don’t need a router to be able to connect to the Internet but you will need one if you have multiple computer needing access.

What is a Turbocharged Router? A turbocharged router uses new technology to boost the range and even improve the performance of your own router. They are sometimes known as a ‘booster’.

They often times have multiple antenna to ensure that it can send and receive signals better as well as over greater distances. The additional antennas compensate for dead space you may have and also runs interference off their wireless devices like cordless telephones.

The security of wireless networking is essential and routers come with firewall security measures installed. Users as well as usage of specific applications and websites can be blocked.

What a Router Can NOT Do – You will find a couple things that a router can’t do. The first is the surroundings, storms, power outages, etc., which can affect signals regardless of the antennas and network ryoutx is another.

Since you now know the main difference between a modem and a router and the things they are both utilized for, you can move right along and set up your own house computer network.

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