Sweden’s most widely used cultural export The Pirate Bay has entered the blog hosting game with new free-speech focused blogging service Baywords. The service was launched by The Pirate Bay after a friend of one of The Pirate Bay’s founders had his blog deleted by Automattic ( for linking to copyrighted material.

The Pirate Bay team explains: We are very pleased to present a brand new services – As a result of need for independence of conversation and safe hosting facility of the terms becoming said we might not accept to how individuals act in the direction of blog writers.

Many blogs are being shut down for uncomfortable thoughts and concepts. We are going to not do this. Our objective is to safeguard freedom of conversation as well as your thoughts. As long while you don’t break any Swedish regulations inside your weblog, we shall guard it.

The new service is powered by WordPress, and though it does not an entire set of features to contest with current gamers (like domain redirects) the Pirate Bay group claimed that they’d add more features later. Blogs in the service are advertisement totally free, and definitely will have advertising in the future.

They stated they copied The Pirate Bay’s search engine and hyperlink data source before it had been used traditional after having a latest law enforcement raid in Sweden.

“We, the group, replicated the base of The Pirate Bay in order in order to save it towards the decades of customers,” a blog post stated. “Absolutely nothing will likely be forgotten. Continue believing, carry on sharing!”

The looking glass website, that was released in an effort to keep torrents accessible, never to cause confusion, is lacking numerous original Pirate Bay torrents, according to TorrentFreak.

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“We saw plenty of subjects where people are looking for some thing like this,” IsoHunt told this news blog. “For sure it offers some insects and glitches but we will enhance it. The tool is perfect for the users’ comfort till TPB comes full of life again.”

VentureBeat, meanwhile, known as the new service “far more than just a working archive of The Pirate Bay,” including that popular queries unsurprisingly disclose content overlaps among and

The original incarnation from the well-known torrenting website was washed by police in a raid in Stockholm last Tuesday. Law enforcement seized web servers, computer systems, along with other equipment within an procedure designed to protect mental home.

Simultaneously, The Pirate Bay as well as a number of other similar sites disappeared from the Web.

The torrent neighborhood was quick to react: TorrentFreak noted on the number of copycat sites, including, which directs customers to a different web site that charges for access.

Police and copyright laws owners will be disappointed to discover, although, that little altered within the times following the Pirate Bay’s shut down. As reported by Variety, the number of IP addresses torrenting took a swift plunge of about 6 million, but diijwb back towards the 100-million-additionally line inside two times.

Not everyone was upset that The Pirate Bay went dark: Co-founder Peter Sunde claimed that “I’ve not been keen on what TPB is becoming.”

Google, meanwhile, recently removed a number of well-known third-party Pirate Bay applications looking at the Play shop for copyright laws violations. The banned programs provided The Pirate Bay Proxy, The Pirate Bay Premium, The Pirate Bay Mirror, and PirateApp-all of which use proxy sites to assist users travel ISP blockades and access TBP from a mobile device.

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