Does this make my butt look big? Are vertical or side to side stripes slimming? Am I falling out of this top? Prevalent questions when facing the feared 3-way mirror in a two-piece, but do you ever stop to ask if your suit is biodegradable. Possibly not, but if designer Linda Loudermilk has her way, you certainly will start.

At Swim Week at Miami Beach, Loudermilk launched what she phone calls the world’s first completely compostable washing suit developed from a herb starch which has been converted into a fabric. While that may make some women a bit anxious about diving into the water putting on a suit that is designed to dissolve, Loudermilk assured onlookers the Long Sleeve Swimsuit won’t begin to decompose until it is actually buried inside the grime in which point it will break down within 180 times.

Loudermilk joins a movement of “eco-fashion” developers who definitely are consciously opting to make use of lasting materials such as timber pulp, hemp, bamboo and recycled plastic bottles or repurposed components including military parachutes rather than traditional artificial textiles. Making swimsuit can make ideal perception – if you’re spending time to value Mother Earth in all its oceanic elegance, you might as well take the opportunity to find out if you’re at the same time wrecking it using the clothes you put on.

Think about a adorable include-up made from bamboo with an natural women’s tunic or if you are attempting to exercise power efficiency while perfecting your tan, sport a solar-powered bikini. That’s correct, I said a solar-driven bikini! The suit is covered with photo-voltaic pieces that capture the sun’s power so that using a bit of outdoor time, you can safely charge your telephone or ipod device. (Just be sure to disconnect them before getting a drop!)

The eco-fashion movement nonetheless faces difficulties for swimwear, it’s been challenging for many developers to generate swimsuit from eco-pleasant components. You see, most ladies like their matches in order to hold a shape or form a shape and that isn’t the easiest move to make with components lacking in chemicals. Aqua Green, the company that makes the Eco Go swimming line, provides an improving “eco-cell” foam bra cup created with biodegradable plant oil that won’t keep thousands of polyester bra cups in trash dumps to challenge future bphfux with an archeological drill down. The matches are made out of recycled nylon and natural cotton.

And even though the biodegradable suit may only produce a small ding in the waste cycle of clothes, it’s a large stage in the direction of sparking new recommendations in designers, that inside their company of innovation, possibly the material choice can be as bold his or her designs. Possibly the new frontier of style lies in becoming courageous enough to step out of the artificial components which are classic choices and deciding on option materials like bamboo.

And perhaps one day, females almost everywhere can boast regarding how their attire not simply can make their waistline appear smaller sized but in addition decreases their carbon dioxide footprint!

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